congratulations, you have been accepted! the words that begin a new story…

It has been quite some time since I updated this blog, however it is not out of laziness, but rather a lack of news to update on, and then in the last 30 days too much life happenings at once.  On March 27th, I went in for my PET-CT scan.  Three days later on March 30th I returned to the cancer center for my 9th treatment and to meet with my doctor.  He informed me that my PET was negative and free of cancer.  In fact, I had a “complete metabolic response” to the chemotherapy, which Dr. B described as “the best possible outcome of a PET scan.”  This result meant that my chances of a recurrence were lowered, and my chances of a complete cure were higher.  I was officially medically cleared to study abroad.

Unfortunately life is full of give and take.  Two weeks after receiving this news, as I was being given my 10th chemo treatment, my mother got a phone call from my brother.  My younger sister had found my father collapsed on his bedroom floor.  During the long hour ride back home from the cancer institute we were informed he did not make it.  On April 13th, 2017 my dad died of a heart attack.  It felt like a piece of my heart died with him that day.

Today, I received an acceptance email from Ewha Woman’s University.  I will be studying there during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.  In the midst of this tragedy, I am given a small bit of happiness, however I can’t help but worry for my family after I leave.  Will my siblings be ok? Will my mom get lonely?  With this news comes a new set of anxieties.  August seems so far away but I fear it will come before I am ready.

I am ready to start a new chapter of my life and fill the pages with joy.  I inherited my adventurous spirit from my dad, so I know he would be happy to see me go.

Rest in Peace. Love you forever.




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